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Not just for you or our children, our learning program will empower them to pass their rich heritage and culture to their kids. Instill a sense of pride and comfort in a culture that belongs to them. As they belong to both their country they live in and the contry of their fore-fathers. Grounding them firmly in 2 worlds. Learn the popularly used language Hindi and learn the main Indian cultural legends, arts and history in fun, interactive, weekly, school-term classes. These established classes are in small groups, live-web classes right from your home or join in even on a holiday. Call/Whatsapp us on +44 7774 265232 to discuss.

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Call or WhatsApp us on +44 (0) 7776 035 550, and the teacher will immediately help evaluate the correct learning level of your child, and help you choose the best class that suits you.

Do you conduct physical classes or are they all online?

We conduct all our weekly classes online, for children aged 3 to 15, and have found it very effective and conducive to their learning. We’ve been conducting online classes for a while now and our tutors know how to make the most out of the medium, while still ensuring students get the one-on-one attention they need. We do host a number of meet-ups and cultural events in and around London, details of which can be found on our website and through our mailing list.

Are there classes for different levels of ability?

We conduct group classes for younger children (age 3-5) as the social environment helps build up their confidence and increase their comfort level while speaking Hindi more often.

For older children who speak Hindi already, our tutor will evaluate them accordingly and place them in the appropriate level class that meets their needs and proficiency.

We speak English and my child knows little or no Hindi. How can you help us?

We see that all the time as most children who come to us speak little or no Hindi. We specialise in teaching the bare basics of the language and starting their Hindi journey. We teach in English and gradually start introducing Hindi in increments and graduate to longer sentences and grammar.

Are your tutors DSB checked?

Yes, all our tutors are certified DSB (also called CRB) security and safety checked.

I don’t want my child to learn just through a computer.

Screen time is when our children stare aimlessly. What we are doing is productive, education use of the screen. What it is meant for, to enrich and enlighten. Also to tap immediately into of group of people who think like you, and are on the same journey. Also, we don’t use just a software, where the child has little or no interaction in the language he/she is learning. Instead, we create a live classroom environment where the child can see all the other children and the teacher and vice versa. This ensures people in different places can come together and learn. Our tutors are specially trained to make the most out of these teachings through virtual lessons.

Do you also conduct private lessons?

Yes we do offer private lessons but we tend not to encourage it apart from specific cases. In our experience, group environments tend to be far more beneficial and valuable in learning a new language. It also makes it a far more enjoyable experience and gives them fellow students to practice with.

All we can give our children is roots and wings.

Kids can start from 3 and half years, and we have many kids starting at 12 to 13 year old student too. At free trial class, which is a one to one session with the parent, the teacher and the child, the child’s level and suitable class will be decided.

What We Offer

Tuesday : 4:30 PM

Early learners mainly below 7years

Foundation – Highly interactive, all students see each other and the teacher in this fun, engaging 45 minute lessons. Children start in fun singing, speaking, movement, writing and drawing learning and begin to recognise many of the alphabets and attempt to write through drawing and play techniques. Test and Certificate to progress to next level.

  • Level 3 – Small sentences, know all your alphabets. Begin grammar.
  • Level 4 – Put sentences together, bigger conversations, more grammar. Create full skits.
  • Level 5 – Paragraph building, larger conversations.

Tuesday  5:30pm

Suitable for students from 8 to 15 years

Tuesday 6:30pm

Suitable for students our older students

  • It is advised only to be taken as a booster lesson.
  • Time suitable to you. Or form your own group, call to discuss.
  • Any level of Hindi can take this lesson, since lesson will be personalised to your development.
  • 40 minute lessons, we also do 20 minute lessons for younger children.

Price : £55

Advantages of learning with Magic of India

  • Join our Whats app Group Class with instant learning and shared key lessons.
  • If you are unable to attend a particular class, please inform us in advance, so that we can record the lesson for you.
  • Classes booked should be availed of during school term, as per dates announced on our website. Depending on availability, you have the option of requesting another makeup class.
  • Children of all ages learn together, the older child may graduate to the next level, sooner. Our teaching method encourages children to grow and move up levels, and they will be advised.

What are the children learning

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Magic of India
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Shraddha Kaul
Shraddha Kaul
14:26 01 Aug 18
We are really happy having found Magic of India lessons for our son. In a matter of a few months, his comfort with... speaking Hindi has greatly increased. The varied class content, discussions and methodology keep him engaged and interested. Geeta’s enthusiasm is infectious and through a mixture of techniques, she is very effectively promoting language as well as our culture through her WebEx classes.read more
Nandini Sengupta
Nandini Sengupta
13:28 31 Aug 17
My daughter immensely enjoys her classes and all the activities Geeta organizes at Magic of India. Geeta continues to... introduce them to the language and culture of India through a number of innovative sessions. We look forward to more!read more
Vikas Wadhwani
Vikas Wadhwani
07:29 23 Aug 17
Geeta's mission of taking Hindi language and Indian culture to the homes of Indian diaspora living in London is highly... commendable. She and her team are dedicated and passionate about this and have venues all over the city for parents to have easy access to these courses and the fees are very reasonable. Geeta uses the teaching methods which are prevalent in English schools and merges them with her unique teaching style which includes songs, poems, drawing, colouring and various other innovative methods so children are engaged and interested in learning Hindi and at the same time learn about their culture. My 5 year old daughter has picked up hindi words and poems which we would have never be able to do at home and these classes have been very beneficial for her. Also it gives children an opportunity to meet other little ones who are also going through this learning phase and Geeta ensure this is done in a fun and entertaining way. I would highly recommend Magic of India to anyone wanting to ensure their children learn hindi and Indian culture and rituals but cannot find the time or resources to do so. Don't worry you have Magic of India and Geeta to look after that. She also does online skype classes and videos so if you cannot make it to the venue or are stuck with other events, work, etc. , the child's learning doesn't stop. So you don't have really any excuse for not encouraging your child.read more
Anuradha Bajaj
Anuradha Bajaj
07:34 22 Aug 17
My seven year old enjoyed the Krishna story very much. He probably enjoyed the picnic on Primrose Hill along with the... Independence Day celebrations even more! A great mix of culture, history and fun play to engage the kids...the kite flying was a winner Geeta!read more
Sia Agarwal
Sia Agarwal
06:43 22 Aug 17
Holi hosted by the Magic of India school was fabulous. There was a great spirit of festivity: we danced endlessly to... the beat of the dhol, had such yummy food and smeared colours on friends. It was truly enjoyable and fulfilling. The festival of colours was celebrated in its true form. My 10 year old son speaks about it excitedly even now.We also celebrated Indian Independence day with Magic of India. The celebration was in the form of a lovely picnic and Geeta narrated the story of Indian independence with great enthusiasm. We all sang the national anthem, after which the kids flew kites. It was a very enriching and enjoyable experience. I like these events because they connect us and our children to our home country. read more
Helen Pearson
Helen Pearson
09:40 14 Aug 17
Geeta's a great teacher. My daughter loves her lessons and videos! Also, the option of learning an additional language... is invaluable to her development.read more
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Some classes already filled with regular students. If you wish to enroll do so soon.

Let’s use this time to get our kids to learn more about India. Hindi, History, the land and the stories.

Short lessons, followed by Q&A.
Join at www.magicofindia.org/myclasses
or call/WhatsApp 07776035550.

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