This is the first work of this series, where it all begins – akin yet removed different from the other pictures that follow. This diptych introduces the viewer to an array of fantastical beings and anthropomorphic creatures that populate a unique topography that is present in the other works, though in forms that remain familiar yet with apparent indications of relocation. The centre stage is occupied by two hybrid, seemingly mythic figures - one is a half human, half parrot caught in mid-flight, shooting an arrow into the air; the second is a half parrot, half mountain lion soaring towards the first figure. Another striking component of the work is the rendition of the light pole, depicted in a successive line of nines, closely resembling a lunar phase. Again, what bewilders and fascinates in equal parts is the contrarian presence of city edifices in this surreal landscape. Another element that stands out and perhaps could be interpreted as a bowing to Bosch’s vision is the faceless, cloaked figure, with an apple placed on its head. This could symbolise the chosen fruit from the garden of Eden, that was consumed by Eve, leading to the fall of man – that could well be the metaphor channelled by the cloaked form. The monumental scale allows for several sub-narratives to co-exist, weaving a dense visual script that while in full view, in the bright of the day, as suggested by the title of this work, yet reveals itself, in parts.

Day by Anant Mishra

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  • Born in 1982, Anant Mishra earned his bachelor’s degree in Fine arts from Delhi College of Arts, followed by an MFA. Prior to this, he spent significant number of years, close to half a decade, studying and gaining experience across multiple cities and art institutions in India such as the Government College of Art and Shanti Niketan in West Bengal, Kharagarh in Madhya Pradesh, Banaras and Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, Badodara in Gujarat, J.J colleges of arts in Mumbai besides Bangalore, Hyderabad, Punjab and Chandigarh. The artist has exhibited his art at multiple events in India and abroad. His latest exhibit was an event on "PUBLIC ART INSTALLATION” title -The Wheel Of The Soldiers, in addition to Consumer Number, West to Wow, Hand made Man Made etc. He has exhibited in a group art exhibition with the Flood light Foundation at India Art Fair in 2017 and 2018 consecutively. He was also one of the few select participants of the exhibition ‘Form of Devotion’ in China Art Museum, Shanghai, 2015.

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