Naina Maithani’s compositions encapsulate within them her journeys across the world. Her techniques evolved with the continuous guidance of her mentor, the Vietnamese artist, Tran Viet Son, while she spent time in Vietnam, imbibing the local culture and painting on a regular basis. This set of 4 works, each measuring 11.5 x 8 inches, titled ‘Genesis’ is a panorama of the lush surroundings of the Himalayan region, covered in snow and wild flora, depicted through layered brushstrokes that add a sense of depth to the canvas.\n\nAll 4 works are rendered in the language of abstraction and find their origins in her exploration of the awe-inspiring settings of the mountainous region. The first work resonates with Maithani’s attempt to unravel and embrace the scenic vistas of the land. She spent significant time in her hometown of Garhwal, located in the foothill of Himalaya’s, absorbing the untamed beauty around her and appreciating what she, as a child, never really paid attention to. With a palette comprising blue, green, orange, grey, black and white, the acrylic on paper celebrates the offerings of nature.\n\nThe second work serves as a custodian of similar sentiments. It was in these faraway settings, during her excursions, that the artist experienced the myriad cycles of birth and degeneration in nature. Maithani shares that It was only after she picked up the palette that she decided it was time to revisit those scenes that form an intrinsic part of her subconscious. The composition comprises a range of colours, all flowing freely into the pictorial space, unperturbed by the restrains of figuration, as if mimicking the boundlessness of mother nature itself.\n\nThe third rendition likewise suggests the movement of the paintbrush across the frame, using a style that does not bind the artist in the preoccupations of illustrating figures and forms, thus lending an impression of intangibility to the composition, in addition to imparting a sense of liberation to the artist. One can trace the towering rocky mountains, jutting out of the ground, meeting the sky up above which is rendered in shades of blue, communicating a sense of tranquillity.\n\nThe fourth work renders more than half of the pictorial space in white, as if covered in layers of snow, rejoicing in the benevolence of this mystical looking land. The browns and blacks, together with the whites, form a sight that lends the viewer a sense of quietude and surrender.

Genesis by Naina Maithani

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  • Naina’s artistic journey started with her venture into the art world through her managing an art gallery in New Delhi, and her musings with a Vietnamese artist, Tran Viet Son. A self-taught artist, her visual vocabulary involves her expressions of her travels and memories from places she lived - Dehradun, Vietnam, and Doha. A balance of intense and mellow colours characterises her abstract works. The artist finds the vocabulary of non-representational works a liberating element for your thought process. She has executed several compositions based on the lush beauty of her hometown Garhwal, which she realized she had always under appreciated.

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