The owls presented in this canvas symbolise the growth and abundance that is also evident around them. The lush red flowers, wild foliage and two tiny offsprings offer a delightful sight. Through her works, Bahaar has raised her voice against the cruel treatment meted to the birds by humans. In hope of bringing fortune and luck their way, people started capturing owls and slaughtering them as sacrifices during the financial crunch in parts of U.P., Bihar and Haryana. By highlighting their intrinsic beauty and grace, the artist seeks to raise awareness amongst people regarding the importance of these night birds in history, culture and people’s lives.

Nocturnal XXXI by Bahaar Dhawan Rohatgi

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  • Bahaar Dhawan Rohatgi’s artistic practice is as layered as her life. She has practiced law in the most coveted law-firm of India, before she chose to pursue her passion for art full time. She is a recipient of eight diplomas and in the legal field and has authored over 20 legal articles during her practicing years. Once fully devoted to the world of art, Bahaar’s works have gone on to become part of some of the most reputable collections both in the country and internationally, including the royal family of Abu Dhabi, DLF, Hindustan Times, and many leading law offices. She has also actively pursued art law by pushing relentlessly for more affordable and transparent dealings in art.

    Her work is a brilliant combination of law and freedom, mirroring her life, projecting knowledge and thought in every piece she creates. Her art functions as a tool to talk about social evils, women’s rights, terrorism and many such pressing matters. Through her various series’ such as the Interstellar series, the Nocturnal Series, and the Inner reflection Series, the artist has sought inspirations repeatedly from her life, dreams and hopes to portray subjects which are as moving for both her and the viewers. Bahaar has been the recipient of the prestigious SAARC award for the best emerging artist in 2017. In the year 2018, she represented Indian in the Art Laguna Exhibition in Venice. The VIP Lounge of India Art fair displayed her collaboration with Pernord Ricard as the sole display in the space.

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