Scenic panoramas of Naina Maithani’s travel diary comprise the language and subject of her compositions. Rendered sometimes in carefully controlled sweeps of brush strokes, and at other times through bold and jagged paint marks, the artist’s compositions seek to fulfil the sole aim of instilling a feeling of peace and quiet in the viewer. She strongly believes in the notion that no matter how difficult the journey has been for each of us in our distinct ways, her canvas should function as a site of respite for someone who wishes to pause and have a look. \n\nThe work here titled Orison imparts a sublime sense to the creation on the canvas. Taking a cue from the meaning of its title, the work too comes alive to nurture an unspoken dialogue with the viewer. Similar to her other work titled ‘Home’, this piece too is depicted in an abstract style that focuses on capturing the essence rather than the form. The serenity of green, the earthy tones of the upper half of the canvas coupled with sprinkling of tiny marks in blue and orange together make a harmonious sight. This work, perhaps, like her many other works, is a leaflet out of her body of work that commemorates the beauty of her beloved hometown in the foothill of Himalayas.

Orison by Naina Maithani

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  • Naina’s artistic journey started with her venture into the art world through her managing an art gallery in New Delhi, and her musings with a Vietnamese artist, Tran Viet Son. A self-taught artist, her visual vocabulary involves her expressions of her travels and memories from places she lived - Dehradun, Vietnam, and Doha. A balance of intense and mellow colours characterise her abstract works. The artist finds the vocabulary of non-representational works a liberating element for your thought process. She has executed several compositions based on the lush beauty of her hometown Garhwal, which she realized she had always under appreciated.

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