Visibly different from all the other nine works that are part of this show, this canvas is the only one whose pictorial surface is divided into three equal halves, each representing the different facets of the revered ghats. While the corner ones on either side offer a cubist representation of the constructions that border the ghat, the central panel rejoices in the brightness of the night, glorifying the luminescence of the moon, its sheen illuminating every corner of the ghat. Through this thick veil of the night time, the radiance of the holy city comes through, owing to its spiritual prowess, in a captivating contrast of light and dark, as captured by the artist. The hymns and chants seem to reverberate in the air long after the daily rituals are over, filling the atmosphere with an enchanting aura, hard to pinpoint, but impossible to deny. The age-old customs, traditions, and history that the city of Kashi is a custodian of, shine through the pitch-black surroundings, lighting up the ghats, the temples, the streets, and the minds of the habitats as well as the pilgrims. The central panel is depicted through a colourless lens, simply bathed in the shimmer of the moon, becoming one with the night sky. On the other hand, the two corner panels retain their colours, radiating in the luminosity of the surroundings. The Cubist rendition projects the structures as elements pieced together in a carefully constructed manner, bearing in mind the cohesiveness of the composition.


Lighting up the Ganga

Display proportion: Wall Dimensions 12 x 19 ft.Figure's Height 6 ft.

S D Shrotriya : 9.5" x 10.5"

Year of work