Highly inspired by her journeys to various places around the world, interacting with new people and cultures, Maithani’s compositions seek to present a distilled version of all that she has encountered, through a subjective point of you. Her preferred style of communicating her thoughts through visuals is abstraction, which she feels it allows her to go beyond the restraints of figuration.\n\nThis oil on canvas by Maithani is a beautiful medley of colours in shades of blue and ivory. Similar to her other works, this depiction brings together the vistas that she comes across into a harmonious whole. Throughout her artistic practice, she has been inspired by the overwhelming beauty of the Himalayas, that percolates into her pictorial space frequently. The rough, rugged terrain of the mountainous region, the untamed nature, rivers, rocks and trees and the expansive clear skies visible from these deep corners of the earth inform her practice each day. The lush blues and whites of this composition could be the clear blue skies captured from her hometown in Garhwal or they perhaps could be the untainted streams of water running down the valleys. Maithani confessed that as a child she never really paid any attention to the verdant surroundings around her. It was only after she picked up the palette that she decided it was time to revisit those vistas which form an intrinsic part of her subconscious. The painting seems to capture the essence rather than the form and conveys a sense of quietude and serenity in the portrayal.

Sea of love by Naina Maithani

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  • Naina’s artistic journey started with her venture into the art world through her managing an art gallery in New Delhi, and her musings with a Vietnamese artist, Tran Viet Son. A self-taught artist, her visual vocabulary involves her expressions of her travels and memories from places she lived - Dehradun, Vietnam, and Doha. A balance of intense and mellow colours characterize her abstract works. The artist finds the vocabulary of non-representational works a liberating element for your thought process. She has executed several compositions based on the lush beauty of her hometown Garhwal, which she realized she had always under appreciated.

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