The watercolour on paper is a spell-binding rendition of a landscape in an eye-catching shade of green. At first glance, the work seems like a burst of colour from within the pictorial surface. Upon closer inspection, one can see the subdued rendition of two huts on the left-hand side, accompanied by four unmanned boats tethered to the shore. On the right hand-side of the work, we can see the presence of a long boat, being rowed by a person in a standing posture, wearing red garments. Giving this person company is another human, seated low in the middle of the boat, dressed in an ensemble of grey. \nThe hill behind the huts is covered with lush green grass, and its colour seems to merge with that of the one that looks like a billowy cloud reaching the sky. These spurts of green cloud like entities merge in the centre of the work, thus adding a sense of perspective and magnanimity to the otherwise tranquil and sombre setting.

Untitled by Adarsh Sinha

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  • Adarsh Singh completed his education in MFA Painting from Delhi College of Art in 2009. He is a recipient of a research scholarship from the Russian Centre of Science and Culture and has exhibited his work in their centres across India. He turns to pen, ink, oils and acrylics in his paintings. He professes to draw his artistic inspiration from Western icons such as Breugel, Leonardo da Vinci, Dali and Indian stalwarts like Ghulam Muhammad Sheikh.

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