This untitled pleasing nature study by Bimal Kar depicts clary sage and other flowers blooming in stunning hues, rendered in impressionist style brushstrokes. The finesse with which the artist illustrates the minute details of the subject instils the work with life. The work is an up-close depiction of these lovely florals amidst what appears to be a lush patch in a scenic location. In the background, one can see a faint hint of the presence of a water-body. The colours used for the sky and water suggest late evening or night-time. The subject of this watercolour has been a recurring one across numerous art movements both nationally and internationally. From the canvases of van Gogh and Edouard Manet to the exquisite pietra dura of Mughal architecture and works by artist Binode Bihari Mukherjee, flowers have illuminated artists’ pictorial surfaces in delightful ways. The irises in van Gogh’s namesake painting and these blossoms in Kar’s work lend an aura of liveliness to the scene. The long florets rendered in detail in the front row and in a certain smudged manner in the background are coupled with minuscule wild blooms occupying the verdant ground.

Untitled by Bimal Kar

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  • Born in West Bengal, Bimal Kar graduated with a First Class distinction from the Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata. The Modern artist’s primary subjects include landscapes, figurative studies and architectural bodies. Bimal’s signature style comprise a soft colour palette and diffused lines, imparting a gentle quality to his works.

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