M. Sivanesan’s adherence to the figurative, showcasing his personal take on his subjects characterizes his art. Intrigued by the representational idiom, the artist illustrated the human figure in a variety of moods and settings. Upon his move to Delhi from Madras in the beginning of his career, he found the cattle of North India a fascinating subject and therefore, created several works showcasing bullocks, horses etc. His works have continued to mark their presents at auctions since the last two years, displaying a tremendous scope of growth in the market. His style of paintings carries an element of unrestrained energy where lines, forms and colours overlap freely to channel a vivid array of visual intensity.\nIn this untitled oil on canvas the artist has portrayed the figures of two bullocks pulling a cart, the musculature and the anatomy of each of them delineated skilfully. The work bears striking colour combinations, with swatches of green, orange in a thoughtfully constructed manner. The brushstrokes are so swift and fluid that the work at first glance seems like a semi-abstract rendition, but upon closer inspections the forms emerge clearly and one is immediately drawn into the multiple layers coming through in the work. The rendition of the animals is so meticulous that it appears as if they have been caught in motion without leaving out even an ounce of their dynamism. The work, thus bears a high degree of movement and is intriguing to both the eye and the mind. A spherical form, possibly the sun, hangs low in the sky, with a rather unusual colour choice, black, assigned to it by the artist. The work speaks of his time spent in the landscapes of Northern India, observing the people and their surroundings, the animals frolicking around or put to work in agricultural fields, making captivating subjects for M. Sivanesan.

Untitled by M. Sivanesan

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  • M. Sivanesan was born in 1940, in Chennai. He attended the Madras Government College of Arts & Crafts, Chennai. His figurative works are a reflection of his personal mood and experiences. His works place humans as the central figures, and he uses a subtle colour palette. Sivanesan has also experimented with sculptures. \n\nHe has exhibited widely in India and internationally, including Bangkok (1976), Los Angeles (1977), Ottawa (1978), New York and Washington DC (1979). Sivanesan works out of his studios in New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. The artist is acclaimed for many awards, a prestigious mention being at International Inter Church, New York (1962), Award at Royal Overseas Exhibition, London (1977), sponsorship by High Commission of India; (1980), Tai Art Gallery, Mumbai. Sivanesan’s works have been a part of many internationally renowned exhibits in Bangkok (1976), Los Angeles (1977), Frish Art Gallery, New York (1981), Dhoomimal Gallery, New Delhi (1982)

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