The non-figural nature of this rendition by O.P. Sharma carries a meditative force, where each shape, ranging from the circle to the squares among others, can perhaps be understood as symbols of the cosmos. The play of form and colour transforms the two-dimensionality of the surface into a three-dimensional representation. The Neo-Tantric rendition leans towards highlighting the mystical underpinnings of the world that is believed to uphold the primeval notion of the male and female energies as the root of all creations. \n\nThe abstract acrylic on canvas on display here embodies a transcendental element that also resonates with the artist’s philosophy pertaining to his creative musings. The work is rendered in hues of blues and greens, occupying different sections of the canvas, placed in a thought-through manner so as to produce a visually harmonious effect on the viewer. The geometric forms employed in giving a distinct vocabulary to the artwork, the concentric circles and the soft application of colours to the pictorial space underline the spiritual characteristic of the work.\n

Untitled by O. P. Sharma

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  • Born in 1932 in Bawal, O.P. Sharma attended Meerut College and Delhi Polytechnic. He was a Fullbright scholar to Columbia University, where he studied Fine Arts and Art History. His style of painting is neo-tantric. He also painted the Ragamala series, when Pandit Ravi Shankar helped him understand the Ragamala tradition and iconography. He spent his years teaching at the College of Art and School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. He was later appointed Principal at the former institution and contributed immensely to it through his vision. His creations have been part of numerous prestigious exhibitions both within the country and internationally. He has been the recipient of several awards and honours, including the Lalit Kala Academy’s National Award for Painting, First Prize (thrice) for the Annual Art Exhibitions of AIFACS as well as accolades won at several other exhibitions.

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