The ancient city of Varanasi features in numerous paintings by S.D. Shrotriya. The artist, through his distinct portrayal of the holy city, imbibes the ghats with a fresh perspective. The scene, rendered in a cubist style, adds a whole new dimension to the several houses and temples clustered together in this structurally brilliant composition. At the bottom corner of the canvas, one can also spot a boat with its two oars, floating on the river’s edge. The depiction is carried out using a vivid palette comprising myriad shades, all carefully positioned in order to present one harmonious whole. The illustration celebrates the cubist technique of constructing a painting by laying emphasis on unification of colour, space and tone. The edifices seem to function as components that come together to form this striking collage. The geometric forms in the work, with their close alignment, appear to emanate from each other, as if part of a domino effect.

Untitled by S. D. Shrotriya

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  • S.D. Shotriya was a former reader and Head of Department of Drawing and Painting at S.D. (P.G.) College in Muzaffarnagar. His artistic practise sought inspiration from the mountain ranges of North India and the holy city of Benaras. He uses movements and shapes to express emotions in his works, and a palette of cool and soft colours. He is also a writer and an art critic. He finished his education, Masters and Doctorate in the same disciplines that he later headed. He has been a recipient of numerous accolades such as the Upendra Maharathi Award by the Bihar Govt. in 1988 and 89 and Veteran Artist Honour and Award by All Indian Fine Arts and Crafts Society in 2008, among many more. He has authored several books such as Manvakriti Sanyojan; Chirtan-Vidhan evam samgri; Chitra kala ke Muladhar, and Kala Vichar, to name a few. His work has been acclaimed at several solo exhibitions such as in Triveni Kala Sangam and AIFACS, New Delhi in 2008, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi in 2005 and Lalit Kala Academy, Lucknow in 2001. Notable group shows include Commonwealth Games Arts Camp, New Delhi in 2010, All India Senior Artist Camp, AIFACS, New Delhi in 2009 and many more.

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