Sanjay Bhattacharya displays his command over photo-realism in this midsize acrylic on canvas that presents lotus flowers blooming in a pond. The brilliance of the painting on offer resides in the serene colour palette of shades of pink and green and the reflection of the flowers on the water’s surface. Nature has remained a longstanding muse for the Contemporary artist, the depiction of which ranges from seemingly ordinary to its marvelous complexities. In this scenic setting, the artist delineates the forms of the succulent looking leaves, the delightfully exquisite flowers blooming in close proximity, possibly at the edge of the pond, perceived from the green patch of grass covered land visible in the foreground, the intermittent presence of lotus buds ready to reveal their luscious petals soon, together instilling a sense of quietude in the painting. The work also evokes a sense of gratitude and reverence towards Mother nature as the artist celebrates the aspects which remain unimpacted, so far, by the rampant human-centered growth. The work carries a sense of fluidity and serenity, owing to its treatment and its harmonious theme. The play of light highlighted through the tonalities achieved in the work, the intermingling of western techniques with eastern elements, the reminiscence of renditions by Dutch realist painters and the French 18th century painters in this work, not only represents nature in its true glory but also emphasizes Bhattacharya’s dexterity in comprising a highly lyrical and naturalistic work.


Year of painting: 2017.

A condition report and provenance details are available on request.


Display proportion: Wall Dimensions 12 x 19 ft.Figure's Height 6 ft.


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  • Born in Kolkata, Sanjay Bhattacharya received his Diploma in Fine Arts from the Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata, in 1982. Trained under one of India’s finest realist painters, Bikash Bhattacharjee, many of Sanjay’s works possess the same life-like quality. The artist’s choice of colours and the technique employed brings the canvas to life, as if the scene captured is taking place right before the viewer’s eyes. Sanjay’s inclination is in equal parts divided between architecture as well as nature, resulting in a repertoire that studies the brilliance of an outdoor naturalscape, as effortlessly as it does the depiction of vacant houses and buildings of his hometown.