The work on display, rendered in a somber colour palette, peeks into a home from a corner of the bedroom. A single bed, a lamp, and a stylish stool occupy the bedroom. There is the juxtaposition of the traditional and the modern. The traditional touch includes an archway leading into what seems to be a dining room, and a taaq carved into the wall of the bedroom. The dining room with its modern furniture and windows is brightly lit, unlike the dark inner room.

Untitled by Sudip Roy

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  • Sudip Roy received his training in art at the Government College of Arts and Craft, Calcutta. His preferred mediums are watercolours and oils, allowing him to appropriately express his creative bent. The subjects of his work include landscapes, architectural facades, historic temples, and monuments. The artist often painted the mundane details of daily lives, that often tend to be overlooked.

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