Suhas Roy’s creative practice showcases spectacular looking landscapes, human forms and fauna as subjects, however, his commitment to the portrayal of the female face and form, in myriad styles and techniques provided a distinct note to his oeuvre. He experimented with mediums ranging from mixed media, charcoal, watercolour, oil and gouache and frequently created compositions that carried whimsical elements in them.\n\nIn this charcoal on paper artwork, the artist depicts a nude female figure in profile view. She is shown in a seated position, one leg stretched out while the other bent halfway. Her face is lifted up, her gaze fixed upon some sight in front of her, her right hand is stretched out away from her, and her lush black hair is open and untamed, hanging down her shoulders. The setting appears to be an imaginative creation by the artist as she is shown surrounded by pointy, rocky outcrops, sitting amidst a cluster of lotus flowers. In the distant horizon, the moon or perhaps, the sun is visible. Similar to several other creations by Suhas Roy, this one too seems like a dreamscape, bearing a romanticised character. The rendition of the female form straddles between sensuousness and innocence, captivating the viewer in its otherworldly essence. Although inspired by the everyday life around him, the artist’s works carry elements of fantasy and immense delicacy. The work, akin to his other creations, stems from his observance of the dark and cruel side of reality, thus veering from the known to explore the realms of the unknown.

Untitled by Suhas Roy

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  • Born in 1926 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Suhas Roy completed his education in Painting from Indian College of Art and Draughtsmanship, Kolkata in 1953 and later pursued Graphic Art under the guidance of S.W. Hayter, from Atelier 17 and Mural Art at L’ Ecole Nationale Superior Des Beaux Arts, Paris in 1966. The exploration of female form was one of the key themes of his works. His works were displayed at several solo exhibitions as well as at multiple group exhibitions, such as 'Beyond Rasikpriya', Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai in 2008; Drops of Silence’, Akar Prakar, Kolkata and Dhoomimal art Centre, New Delhi in 2007; Gallery SW – 1, London in 2007 and many more, both nationally and internationally.

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