Sandip Daptari’s creative journey, from completing his education in painting first and then studying Graphics later, helped him hone his drawing techniques further. He has experimented with a variety of materials and mediums such as watercolour, oil and acrylic, in addition to a mix of both on the same space, to create a textural play on the flat surface. However, he chose to pursue painting to unravel his thoughts on the canvas, after working with etching for a significant duration of time. Several of the paintings by the artist represent a recollection of his childhood, paired with a wistful treatment of his subjects.\n\nThis untitled work belongs to his early period. The use of a diffused colour palette lends a sense of fluidity to the rendition of the scene. The work exhibits a remarkable balance in terms of colour, space and movement. The work seems to stem out of Daptari’s latent memories of his hometown, with a clear emphasis on the element of nostalgia. The composition depicts a residential neighbourhood, comprising multi-storeyed buildings of varied colours, a commonplace feature of the region. The scene could very well be from his hometown Berhampur in West Bengal or perhaps, the alleys of Kolkata. The work is imbued with the sense of old-world charm, owing to its mellow illustration of narrow streets and the busy lanes of the town. The close-knit houses, the web of electricity wires, the TV antennas that were predominant across every household before the advent of DTH services, present the scene as a contrast to the capitalist constructs and symbols of current times. The rendition of the sky in hues of grey and blue suggest dusk or night time, and perhaps, the reason for decreased activity on the road. The central space of the composition is occupied by passers-by, rendered in black, not in details but as mere suggestive forms.

Untitled (Cityscape) by Sandip Daptari

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  • Born in 1976 in Berhampur, West Bengal, Sandip Daptari received his training at Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda. He completed his qualification in Bachelor of Fine Arts, followed by a Master’s degree in the same field in 2002 and 2004 respectively. He uses memories from his childhood, and studies on child psychology, as his subjects. His works have a very fine sense of balance. He is a recipient of Lalit Kala Academy State Award, Gujarat in 2006. He also received a scholarship grant from the same cultural institution in 2005. He has exhibited his works in a wide range of platforms, both nationally and internationally. \n\n

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