Jagmohan Bangani articulates his work through an abstraction of colours and scripts to include words from different languages like Sanskrit, Hindi, Punjabi, and English. In this work, different letters and numbers are painted in a well-rounded manner, rendered in a gradient of colours, ranging from beiges, browns, yellows, and oranges. \nIn this painting, sounds and words from the Gayatri mantra find themselves vibrantly visualised on a paper. The overlapping depiction resonates with the connotation of endlessness attached to the holy mantras. This in turn echoes not just the profoundness of this chant but also emphasizes the overwhelming and unquestionable nature of the cosmos. This very aspect of the work brings it far beyond the boundaries of the cacophony and chaos of our vicinities, to travel in the realm of pure transcendence. The spiritual essence of the work, thus, coupled with a sense of self-introspection is something that the artist pursues in order to gain mastery over. The work not just stands as a spectacular piece of art but also serves as a sight of pure meditation, where the viewer seems to simply shed his worldly worries to focus on the pure mysticism on display. The creation helps in turning the gaze inwards, to reflect on what is in front of the eyes and also on what is within oneself.

Untitled (Gayatri Mantra) by Jagmohan Bangani

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  • Born in Uttarakhand in 1977, Jagmohan Bangani received his early training at the DAV College, Dehradun and went on to pursue his Masters at the Winchester School of Art, U.K. He translates his imagination into a visual vocabulary through the juxtaposition of lively hues, vibrant lines, and words in a multitude of scripts. The artist creates his artworks while chanting mantras, and attributes his practice to this philosophical bent. Jagmohan has exhibited in more than sixteen group shows, including the Busan Indian Ink Painting Biennale in 2010.

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