States of India (Series 2), 5 lessons

States of India (Series 2), 5 lessons




Dates: Monday to Friday, March 30th to April 3rd (1 week)

Time: 2pm

Duration: 40 min web-live session.

Fees: £13 for each class (reduced to £5 per class) – Total £25

Method: Web live Presentation with live narration and presentation with audio, video. Followed by 10 mins live Q&A.

Content: There are 29 states and 7 union territories in India. First class would be a brief of India and its geography and going through all the states and union territories of India. Followed by five sessions focusing on different regions. Session will cover geography, crops, main industries, landscape, rivers, mountains, culture, people, food and festivals..

Certificate: Criteria is when the student comes back with the homework (which is 5 to 10 minutes of self study, and replying to questions), they will be awarded with a certificate of knowledge for this series.

A web class link will be sent as soon as the fees are paid. Reminders for each class will be sent an hour before the class. If you are not able to attend please let us know in advance. We will then record the class and provide the recording (can be availed of twice)


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