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2 wonderfully illustrated stories, learn new Indian words, creative activities, know the making of colour, festive food, songs, and how different regions celebrate. Lots of audio & web bonuses.

Written by our Magic of India teacher, this book makes the journey of learning enjoyable with beautiful pictures, and fun for mother and child. It’s a day filled with colour and joy. But Holi is more significant than just a single day of festivities. Over the years, stories of its origin have garnered wonder across the world. In the stories of Narasimha, Krishna and Holika lie morals that can nurture a positive impact on children and adults, encouraging diversity and multiculturalism.

This book takes a peep into these colourful stories that define India’s colourful festivals. It looks at how the colours are made and the delicious tasty treats of Holi.

The mythological significance of the Indian festivities is as interesting as the way it is celebrated. Let’s hop on to the joy ride and celebrate together as we gleefully say: “HOLI HAI! It is Holi”

How do you say Holi?
How do you say Pichkari?
How do you say Krishna?
How do you say Radha?
How do you say Holika?
How do you say Hiranyakashap?
How do you say Prahalad?

Learn the Short Holi Song

Holi aai, 
Holi aai,
Holi aai ray!
Rang la-gaa-o
Khushi mana-o
Holi aai ray!

Learn the Long Holi Song

Holi aai, holi aai, dekho holi aai rey 
(adults will sing first, the kids will repeat second time)
Rang bar-sa-ye, maan khil jaa-yee de-kho holi aai rey
Sab mil jaye, khush ho jaye, dekho holi aai rey
Rang say kheley, has kar khaley, dekho holi aai rey. 
Holi aai, holi aai, dekho holi aai rey 
Holi hai.

Learn How to Draw Butterflies in the book 

Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 4.41.43 PM.png

Make the Holi Buntings

Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 4.49.46 PM.png

Print out these activity sheets, to make colourful buntings, and more fun things

Learn How to make a simple Holi sweet dish - Kheer

Learn about different Regional Celebrations of Holi
Coming soon...

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