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Why learn Hindi with Magic of India...

  • We speak English and my child knows little to no Hindi. How can you help us?
    Our children who are living outside of India often speak mainly English. Since that is the language at school and with their friends. We hence create a like minded environment. The children see other kids just like them, and they are taught just like in the British schools. We have taken great effort to make the circulum and system of teaching such that our children learn fast, connect and enjoy the learning. It is not required for the parent to know Hindi too. You will do a free tiral class with us, and then we will advise and place your child in the correctly suited class group for thier learning.
  • Do you conduct physical classes or are they all online?
    We used to conduct physical classes for over 5 years and saw many problems - children of mixed ability have to learn together, so if your child can progress that is slowed down. Same way, if your child needs nuturing that is less achieavable. From the last 8 years we have been doing online classes in small groups, and this has brought great focus and nuturing resulting in fast progress of learning. You also have the advantage of saving travel time, and not dictated by seasons. We conduct all our weekly classes online, for children aged 3 to 15, and have found it very effective and conducive to their learning. We’ve been conducting online classes for a while now and our tutors know how to make the most out of the medium, while still ensuring students get the one-on-one attention they need. We also do host a number of meet-ups and cultural events in and around London, where we will all meet.
  • I am worried about screen time for my child, can I have a physical class?
    Screen time is when our children stare aimlessly at entertainment. What we are doing is productive, education use of the screen. What it is meant for, to enrich and enlighten. Also to tap immediately into of group of people who think like you, and are on the same journey. You get the advantage of the time that suits you too. Also, we don’t use just a software, where the child has little or no interaction in the language he/she is learning. Instead, we create a live classroom environment where the child can see all the other children and the teacher and vice versa. This ensures people in different places can come together and learn. Our tutors are specially trained to make the most out of these teachings through virtual lessons and they are fun, engaging, and result oriented. You are part of a parent group too so after the lesson, you see all the notes. It is safe and securely monitored and only the kids enrolled join in very small groups of about 5 children.
  • Are there classes for different levels of ability?
    We conduct group classes for younger children, age 3 to 7 years and seperate classes for age 8 to 14 years. Abover that they join our adult group or private lessons. We also match the ability with the group as the children progress. The social environment helps build up their confidence and increase their comfort level while speaking Hindi more often. For older children who speak Hindi already, our tutor will evaluate them accordingly and place them in the appropriate level class that meets their needs and proficiency.
  • Are your tutors DSB checked?
    Yes, all our team in UK are certified DSB (also called CRB) security and safety checked. And all other country teachers go through a rigirous check from us.
  • Do you also conduct private lessons?
    Yes we do offer private lessons but we tend not to encourage it apart from specific cases. In our experience, group environments tend to be far more beneficial and valuable in learning a new language. It also makes it a far more enjoyable experience and gives them fellow students to practice with.

Choose one that suits you. Options for classes are 

  • Free trial class for Hindi and Gujarati

  • Hindi classes for 5 to 7 years - You can book one term, or benefit from booking for two terms at a time

  • Hindi lessons for 8 to 14 years - Same you can book one term, or benefit and get one class free by booking two terms

  • Adult Hindi classes - You can also book a free trial, or book a term.

  • Gujarati or Hindi Private lessons - Call or WhatsApp us about private Gujarati lessons on +44 7774 265 232

  • Summer Hindi Camp - Book in advance and plan your holiday clubs.

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