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Thee event was beyond fabulous. Thank you so much for making it possible for us to celebrate Holi while away from home.

— Ashwini Jain

Thank you for a wonderful event, Geeta and team. 👏🏼🌟❤️Absolutely superb, well done to you all! Hopefully many more fantastic Magic of India events to come.

— Michelle Maya


— Anup Patel

Thanks Geeta and team - great event - fantastic vibes 🌈

What fun!!!! Absolutely brilliant!!! The people, the colour, the performances, the music, the food ….. it is the best Holi party in London!!! Love it!! A big thank you! To Magic of India team 👍


A spectacular event of Holi celebrations, put on by the wonderful Geeta and Magic of India team in the heart of London. Thank you for an amazing time filled with lots of colours, tasty food and dancing! 5 🌟❤️🎨

— Michelle Robello

Our Best Holi ever in London! We loved dancing with colours, authentic Indian food and the very friendly environment. A big round of applause for Geeta!!

Great atmosphere, great food, lovely music. Amazing to see the whole community, Indian and Non-Indian join in the celebrations. Wished it lasted longer. Well done Magic of India team.

Magic of India Festival

This was an amazing event!!! Fun for all the family, super friendly and a great way for Indians and non-Indians to celebrate together! A highlight of our cultural calendar. Also really loved the location beautiful outdoor. 

It was my first ever Holi and I couldn't ask for a better experience. After visiting India , the event really made me feel a true Indian vibe. Great energy, everyone was so friendly and welcoming, the performances were outstanding, and so was the food. 

Magic of India Festival

Was fabulous! Can't get a better experience of Indian festivals outside of India. There were colours, music, dhol, food and non-stop fun. My 4 year old looks forward to it every year now!  

So much fun for adults and kids of all ages. the performances were very good and the music was fun. Food was delicious and the place amongst the cherry blossom trees was beautiful. One of my best days so far. Can't wait for next year!

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