Learn Hindi, Indian cultural legends and stories in fun, interactive weekly classes. Small, secure group, Live, Web classes, right from your computer. Whether at home or on holiday. Join a like-minded group of learners and interact.


Call/WhatsApp us on +44 7774 265232 to discuss.


Geeta Srivastava, our Founder and teacher of Magic of India, won the British Indian 2015 Outstanding Achievement Award for her work on Magic of India. We featured on BBC. 

                 Not sure of this is for you ?!?

  •  You want a local physical class?

  • You just want your child to speak?

  • You don't want screen time !

  • Other classes clash!

  • Can I wait, what is the right age?

Watch the video, it shall answer some of your concerns. 

Would like to join Web-live Hindi classes

Learn Hindi and Indian cultural legends in fun, interactive weekly classes. Small group live web classes right from your home. Join anytime in the term. Call/Whatsapp us on +44 7774 265232 to discuss


Most classes are in small groups since i only take about 6 to 8 students per class. 

  1. The setup is also a special teaching interactive web class platform, not the simple skype, so i pay highly for it. This is also supported by unlimited Whatsapp learning for each class group, and recorded lessons, so you never miss any learning, and also learn while travelling around. 

  2.   In each web class (that is the only format we do now), the children see each other and me, have an interactive writing board, so draw, write, speak up, actions, a lot of fun. 

  3. Magic of India have been teaching for 5 years, The web classes have been going on for a year now, And they are better since: 

  4. Children of similar age and ability can learn together, this is not possible at the physical class. 

  5.  They children are very focused 

  6. They learn with drawing, singing and have a lot of fun, while not disturbing other children 

  7. They see, hear, speak to me, and other children, so they are completive. 

  8. If the child learns faster, they can go up to a higher level within a term 

  9. They children have a nice community they connect with other like minded Hindi learning children. 

  10. They have the advantage to grow in their learning in small groups, which are possible on the web classes. 

  11. If you miss a class, there is always a recording, so you can make your child see the whole class later and catch up (you will need to inform me earlier, if you plan to miss). This is a huge advantage. 

  12. No travel time for you, so you can do other things before and after your school extra curricular classes


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In our special arts and craft online events, explore the vibrant art and crafts of India, or join our story telling sessions.

For now, we do ground events in London, UK. Subscribe with us to join in.