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This great saying - all we can give our children is roots and wings is close to our philosophy. We, at Magic of India, bring culture and Indian languages alive in a fun, engaging way. Bringing a vibrant connection and sense of belonging within our international community in entertaining bundles.



The manner in which Geeta teaches the language infuses a sense of confidence in kids; even where words don't make sense, my boys were able to grasp some parts of the word - due to the emphasis put on phonetic learning in class. Getting kids to make small sentences and understand keywords meant that Hindi suddenly wasn't one garbled language - it was made up of many smaller recognizable parts and words - which meant the boys didn't switch off when someone rattled off in Hindi; instead, I could see recognition in their eyes - of the keywords and satisfaction that they too, were part of the Indian culture and crowd.


I think it's a really brilliant initiative by Geeta. Living far away from our country and culture, it's really important that our children grow up with the core values and cultural aspects that are important to us. Magic of India classes are an essential and wonderful way of educating children.


Our daughter didn't know any Hindi and due to her school commitments, never had an opportunity to go to cultural or language classes. Magic of India offers a well-structured balance of physical, language and cultural education, in a creative, fun and encouraging environment.

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