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WhatsApp us to get a free trial lesson immediately, or chat for advise, and then book your classes - Your chosen weekday and timing will be finalised in consultation with our teacher. Do call/Whatsapp us on +447774265232


New Students - Foundation – Highly interactive, all students see each other and the teacher in these fun, engaging lessons. The lessons focus on building speaking skills from day one. Children start in fun singing, speaking, movement, a little writing, and drawing learning, and begin to recognize many of the alphabets and attempt to write through drawing and play techniques. They will learn numbers, many familiar words, little sentences, and many rhymes. Worksheets for each lesson will be provided.


Continuing Students (Call to inquire) - Foundation+ and Progress Level - Our Students will build steadily on the knowledge and skills they learned, and build to reading, writing, and speaking better.


Indicative dates for the term (10 classes will be held) :

 Reserve these dates, there will be 10 of these.
MonApr 22,29, May 13,20, Jun 03,10,17,24, Jul 01,08,15
TueApr 16,23,30, May 07,14,21, Jun 04,11,18,25, Jul 02,09,16
WedApr 17,24, May 01,08,15,22, Jun 05,12,19,26, Jul 03,10,17
ThuApr 18,25, May 02,09,16,23, Jun 06,13,20,27, Jul 04,11
FriApr 19,26, May 03,10,17,24, Jun 07,15,21,28, Jul 05,12
SatApr 20,27, May 04,10,18, Jun 08,16,22,29, Jul 06,13
SunApr 21,28, May 05,11,19, Jun 09,17,23,30, Jul 07,14



Review by Swapna Ghugari 


Magic of India - Hindi lessons have been a fun way for my child to learn Hindi and he learnt a lot in just one term. He knew colours and numbers before, but this class helped him learn sentence structures, and how to put a whole sentence together with action verbs. Each class covers a lot of new words and gets the children to speak in Hindi as well, which is great for their confidence. Highly recommended.


Review by Zainab Arsiwala


My 9 year old has been learning with Magic of India for a few months now. I am pleased with the progress which is evident every time we go to India in seeing his confidence to converse in Hindi while travelling with the taxi drivers or buying things.


Review by Anshoo Kapoor


Magic Of India Hindi classes has been amazing for my 7 year old. The activities are engaging and there is learning through fun. There is a good structure to the session and includes poems, art and focus on the language. My son absolutely loves it and eagerly waits for the class. Highly recommend ❤️❤️


Review by S C


Magic of India classes have given my children the confidence to speak Hindi as 2nd generation Indians in the U.K. Many classes out there do not provide this level of engagement in the children. Boys are very hard to keep on task to develop their Hindi in their teens with video games and sports their main focus. Geeta has managed to keep them coming back for more. A++ service for their recognition of the different stages the children are at to develop them.


Review by Ritu Singh


My son has been taking Hindi lessons with Magic of India since he was 8 years old when he didn’t speak a word of Hindi. He is now 12 and he loves to show off his Hindi reading, writing, understanding and speaking skills to his cousins and grandparents- he adores learning with Geeta and wants to keep going year after year! The lessons are interactive, including songs and stories - the resources provided are suitable and there is no burden on kids because homework takes a few minutes. As a family we have benefitted from Magic of India immensely- we always enjoy the fantastic Holi parties and extra events for kids on Indian Independence Day and Republic Day. Thank you MOI for bringing India closer to our family in the UK! 😊

Hindi Classes- 5 to 7years, 8-4 years

  • About 5 children per class. First-come basis. So, please reserve, to avoid disappointment.  All-age children start at FOUNDATION level. And depending on progress will graduate to the next level anytime in the term.

My daughter immensely enjoys her classes and all the activities Geeta organizes at Magic of India. Geeta continues to introduce them to the language and culture of India through a number of innovative sessions. We look forward to more!


Magic of India is a brilliant opportunity for Indian children in London to be in touch with their roots/origins/culture no matter which part of india they come from. Not only are the classes a perfect balance between language, culture, yoga, dance, general knowledge of India....but the teacher is absolutely magic. Her voice engages the children and mesmerises them. Both my children attend the classes and have built immense confidence in communicating in Hindi and singing songs and rhymes. I totally recommend Magic of India and now with their web classes children are in touch with the Indian culture from the comfort of their homes.


“I love Geeta's classes. My grandparents in India are so impressed by my progress that they told my mother that what she hasn't done in 11 years, Geeta has managed in 3 weeks. I am more confident about speaking Hindi already and my accent is improving too. The highlight so far has been learning the National Anthem. Thank you Geeta”

2020-06-10 (4).png

My 8 year old daughter has been learning from Geeta since two years now. The classes are fun and my daughter is able to read and write Hindi now. The best part about Geeta is that she understands that language has to be taught in conjunction with culture to fully appreciate its richness and context - towards this end, Geeta painstakingly organises all sorts of events around Indian festivals to give the kids that cultural awareness in a fun yet informative way! Thank you Geeta! I am impressed by what you do and how you do it. Keep up the good job.

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