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42 x 49  inches Oil on Canvas


A very special offering, we have the rare acquisition of four of Swaraj Das's oil on canvas paintings in London. These can be viewed at our location in West Hampstead, or we can perhaps bring them to your home.


Swaraj Das is well known for his work around the world. He recently showcased with great success at the London Affordable Art Fair 2023,  Affordable Art Fair New York 2023, Art Expo New York 2023, Discovery Art Fair 2023 Germany and Miami Reddot 2023. 


In 2024 he plans to showcase at the upcoming Australia and New Zealand art fair,  World Art Dubai 2024, and Singapore 2024 to name a few.


About Artist Swaraj Das (INDIA)

Swaraj Das was Born in 1983 in Kolkata. Upon noticing a glimpse of artistic talent in him at an early age, Swaraj has come up as one of the contemporary painters of unique promise and repute. His original expression and skill as a painter have earned him a remarkable position, especially in the legendary arena of Indian art. Swaraj is much like the West Wind in Shelley’s poetry. He consumed the joy of life to create his images. The abstraction which matters in his paintings, though endowed with non-existence, is the careful organization of his experiences of life and that was what he has rearranged through melting and overlapping colours to make his paintings more like a poem of a true soul, peaceful, with rays of hope and therefore has a sense of God's love. It is in this way Swaraj goes on searching for peace through chaos, for the concrete through the abstract, and for reality through non-reality. Swaraj’s paintings have gone abroad to earn more appreciation. His contribution to Indian art has already invited mercenary transactions with professional collectors and wayfaring buyers of the land and abroad. Swaraj is loved by his admirers and buyers, even blessed by the occasional visitors to his art gallery.

Love for London by Swaraj Das 42" x 49"


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    2020-06-10 (4).png

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