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🌼See the Diwali Festive Decorated Corridor Display for free, live music and dance🌸


🚤 Book the Diwali festive boat ride 🌟

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Join us for one or all of the festive activities:

1. Come to see the decorations, and enjoy the music and dance. FREE. If coming, do reply with a YES 😎 - just so we look forward to seeing you 🥰

2. Book a storytelling session, limited places only, so hurry. Click here

3. Book a Canal boat trip - a Diwali flower-inspired boat trip. Click here

Where: Camden Market Hawley Wharf, 1 Dockray Place London NW1 8QH


We at Magic of India promote our vibrant culture and arts with educational and entertainment events, classes and workshops.

All we can give our children is roots and wings. We, at Magic of India, bring culture and Indian languages alive in a fun, engaging way. Bringing a vibrant connection and sense of belonging with our international community. Online and live events and workshops.

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To celebrate the 75th year of Indian Independence, our students proudly sing the Indian National Anthem accompanied by music recorded at the Abbey Road Studio, London with 25 international musicians.

Read What Parents Say About Us

My daughter immensely enjoys her classes and all the activities Geeta organizes at Magic of India. Geeta continues to introduce them to the language and culture of India through a number of innovative sessions. We look forward to more!

Magic of India

Magic of India is a brilliant opportunity for Indian children in London to be in touch with their roots/origins/culture no matter which part of india they come from. Not only are the classes a perfect balance between language, culture, yoga, dance, general knowledge of India....but the teacher is absolutely magic. Her voice engages the children and mesmerises them. Both my children attend the classes and have built immense confidence in communicating in Hindi and singing songs and rhymes. I totally recommend Magic of India and now with their web classes children are in touch with the Indian culture from the comfort of their homes.

Magic of India United Kingdom
Magic of India

“I love Geeta's classes. My grandparents in India are so impressed by my progress that they told my mother that what she hasn't done in 11 years, Geeta has managed in 3 weeks. I am more confident about speaking Hindi already and my accent is improving too. The highlight so far has been learning the National Anthem. Thank you Geeta”

Magic of India

My 8 year old daughter has been learning from Geeta since two years now. The classes are fun and my daughter is able to read and write Hindi now. The best part about Geeta is that she understands that language has to be taught in conjunction with culture to fully appreciate its richness and context - towards this end, Geeta painstakingly organises all sorts of events around Indian festivals to give the kids that cultural awareness in a fun yet informative way! Thank you Geeta! I am impressed by what you do and how you do it. Keep up the good job.

Geeta has been teaching my daughter foundation-level Hindi and she has enjoyed every lesson and learnt to converse more confidently in Hindi. Her online lessons are well balanced for all age groups and levels and keep her engaged. She looks forward to all her weekly lessons.

— Mrinalini Nair

United Kingdom India Festival

Geeta's mission of taking Hindi language and Indian culture to the homes of the Indian diaspora living in London is highly commendable. Geeta uses the teaching methods which are prevalent in English schools and merges them with her unique teaching style which includes songs, poems, drawing, coloring, and various other innovative methods so children are engaged and interested in learning Hindi and at the same time learn about their culture. My 5-year-old daughter has picked up Hindi words and poems which we would have never been able to do at home and these classes have been very beneficial for her. 

Magic of India

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