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Our new web series brings inspirational people who have contributed and nurtured visions and are now also inspiring the next generation. Our young students conducting these interviews exude confidence. Hope you enjoy these insightful and motivating vlogs.  Reach out to us to recommend people to feature.

Project: A brief history of Indian Independence - Audiobook
Megha Agarwal interviews the creators Aarush Kumbhakern and Ayur Pulle
Interview with film-maker Anu Menon and Siya Narayan

A wonderful collaboration between teenagers Aarush and Ayur from India and UK, bringing a detailed and interesting audiobook to life. This easy-to-understand audiobook will take you through a journey from the past to the present, from the Moghuls to the Mahatma Gandhi.


Our talented student, Megha Agarwal interviews Aarush Kumbhakern and Ayur Pulle on the creation process of their inspiring audiobook "A Brief History of Indian Independence"


Ever wondered how a tiny country like England ended up ruling the sub-continent of India? How India wrested independence from the British? Neelima Penumarthy's company StoryHour UK produced the audiobook with two teenagers, Aarush from India and Ayur from England, tell the story. Audible link

Magic of India promotes Indian culture with inspiring content, events, and classes. Credit to the young child, Megha Agarwal who researched, wrote the questions and conducted the interview with lovely confidence.

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Our exuberant teen interviewer Siya Narayan brings out the passion of the movie writer and director, Anu Menon on her film "Shakuntala Devi"


Confident young student, Akhil Jaiswal interviews Rahul Agarwal on the creation process of his inspiring easy to learn book "Hanuman Chalisa for kids"


National Anthem of India by the students of Magic of India. Dedication to India by children born and living internationally.

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